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We make Horsepower!

HorsePower Ranch provides specialty Performance Dyno Tuning services and custom vehicle builds.

Shop:  Our new shop is designed to handle high end specialty type of custom tuning and builds. Our dyno cell features an in-ground Dynamometer capable of handling all custom tuning needs.   

Tuning Experience:  Our primary tuning technician is John Garner who is primarily known for his custom 1990 Mustang GT that has been featured in Car Craft, Hot Rod, and 5.0 Mustang & Super Ford Magazine.  John won the inaugural 5.0 King of the Street competition, won Most Legit Street car at the Hot Rod Pump Gas Drags, and was the first (and only) car to ever run 9's in the Car Craft Real Street Eliminator.  John has also been the "secret tuner" behind many shops across the nation to solve complex tuning problems with high end exotics and full on race cars when the existing tuning staff was unable to resolve tuning issues.  He has operated dynos across the united states and is sponsored by many product vendors including Vortech Superchargers, AEM, Baer Brakes, Amsoil, and more.  The shop has tuning experience for nearly every aftermarket tuning system from AEM and FAST to tuning factory processors like Ford EEC-IV & EEC-V to the most recent factory processors.  We have the experience to tune your vehicle.

Custom Builds:  With builds featured in nearly every major car enthusiast magazine the quality of builds created by HorsePower Ranch not only look great they perform and last!  Reliable enough to be used as a daily driver and powerful enough to be a track winner.  Many of the creations from HorsePower Ranch are a first of a kind, copied but never equaled.

Some links of builds/customer cars:


HorsePower Ranch is located at 6025 Cherrywood Rd in Mound Minnesota.  The location is on the far end of Lake Minnetonka, close in to be convenient for Twin Cities and surrounding area customers. 

HorsePower Ranch
6025 Cherrywood RD

Mound, MN  55364
(206) 931-2874



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 We have moved!

We have moved our shop to Minnesota!

If you are in the Pacific Northwest and are looking for a shop to continue supporting your tuning needs please visit TMS.

We specialize in high end specialty tuning and custom vehicle builds.

Our new shop is located in the Twin Cities area near Lake Minnetonka, not far from the original Tonka Truck factory.





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